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consultantPM Frequently Asked Question:

Can you thwart stalker trolls?

Beyond bullying words, stalker trolls inflict grief through intimidation after inworld login. Stalker troll misdeeds may include trouble types such as sim crashing, failed teleports, slowing of sim server data flow, and login blocking. A more severe problem can result from an inworld stalking criminal.

Consultation Fee: $700 USD
consultantPM may offer strategy advising aimed to help you minimize a stalker troll. Strategy advice is arcane knowledge filtered on a need to know basis. This should help most SL individual residents to better manage dealing with stalker trolls. Fee includes a consultation, and pertinent advice. Before assisting with this type of stalker troll problem, consultantPM requires performing a due diligence concerning you (the client seeking assistance) -as an information holder responsibility check.

Removal Task Retainer and Quote: $4,500 USD
If you or your business has the financial resources, it is possible to remove a stalker troll on local and TOS violation grounds. consultantPM can work with your corporate team, or provide and coordinate the required team of professionals, to work at removing an individual stalker troll. This fee only covers a retainer to discuss coordination and availability of team skill sets. The retainer provides for a coordination discussion, action plan, and project rate charge.

Please be mindful that this is not a cure-all to the human problem of the stalker troll himself. As far as stopping a stalker troll goes, that is the business of law enforcement professionals handling jurisdictional cooperation. Similarly, for positively altering a stalker troll's behavior, significant work like that would probably require a licensed psychiatrist experienced at helping patients with specific mental issues, including stalking. So, if you see a virtual world product offering a quick fix tool based feature claiming to stop a stalker troll, or you read an avatar profile offering a protection service to stop stalkers; it would be wise for you to realize that caring for the actual human stalker mental condition is likely well beyond the individual tool maker / service provider ability. This example case suggests troll symptoms caused by a stalker with mental issues. It is also known to be possible that stalker trolling symptoms (sim crashing, failed teleports, slowing of sim server data flow, and login blocking) may be one sane individual's handiwork, motivated by over zealous competition, and / or ideological reasons. These examples pertain to one individual culprit. Solution scenarios become more complex when multiple trolls and organizational backing are involved.