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consultantPM Frequently Asked Question:

What is the cost?

Solutions and Services:


Please see the consultantPM services page for standard programming services


For hourly costs, please see the Standard Rates page.

3D Virtual World Coding and Consulting Services:

Project Review
$325 USD
To purchase a Project Review, please use the Request Quote page. consultantPM will respond to your inquiry with payment details for scheduling a Project Review.

$425 USD
This is the cost per feature module of Linden Scripting Language software programming. Please first purchase item Project Review.

Product Development
$5,110 USD
Your product idea, designed, scripted, tested, and packaged. This value price development bundle delivers a working first run initial prototype result. Please first purchase item Project Review.

Inworld Settings and Policy Review
$440 USD
The nature of the Second Life environment can open numerous paths for malicious residents to grief, trash, hack, shoot, slander and squat. Avoid embarrassment by proactively establishing correct procedures before a stressful compromise occurs.

System Privacy and Machine Security Advising
$640 USD
Advanced process techniques to help protect your personal privacy and business information while connected to SL and related MMO virtual worlds.

User Guide
Product Manual
$925 USD
Prerequisite purchase of related project item Scripting or Product Development.